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GSS Topic Dashboard Starter Edition can be installed and run as:

GSS Topic Dashboard allows messages to be published (PUB) on a topic and subscribers to receive (GET) publications on a topic. Initially each Topic Dashboard has one publisher and two subscribers, and further subscribers can be started. The message rates can be viewed graphically in various formats. The messages sent and received can be viewed in optional message viewers.

GSS Topic Dashboard has preferences which allow the initial appearance of the views to be tailored, the use of the default connection to be controlled, and options and font selected for the message viewers.

GSS Topic Dashboard can be used as an education tool, and for an application developer or performance tester to generate, watch activity on a selected topic and test topic wildcarding.

GSS Topic Dashboard can also be used together with GSS Topic Dashboard for IBM MQ Light to explore and test the MQ Light support that is being added to IBM MQ at version 8. For more information click here.

Topic Dashboard Starter Edition, Version 2.0.0

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